The services that I offer are the following:

1. Workshop Facilitation and Training: I currently work as a trainer/facilitator in Presentation Skills and Women’s Leadership. In the past, I also have trained Career Development. What I enjoy most about this environment is the ability to draw out participants, offer coaching in the moment, and support peer coaching. Beyond the subject areas that I am steeped in, I love to learn about new opportunities and broaden my range of facilitation and training. My MO is to quickly become an expert in whatever it is that I am facilitating, and still maintain the ethos of a lifelong learner.

2. Speaking: I have been a life long public speaker and am able to speak on a number of topics including: Confidence, Presentations, Women’s Leadership, and Authenticity. The way I approach speaking is I very much show up as myself, and people are often left feeling they were in conversation as opposed to sitting through a talk.

3. Coaching: I practice what is called “Integral Coaching” which is a form of coaching that involves everything about the client and the client’s world into coaching. What this means is that I will do an extensive intake to learn about the issue a client is presenting, and what is the environment (both at home and at work) that surrounds this. From there, I will support the client in developing a new skill or capacity that will address the issue and then some. My intention with coaching is to support a client in being self supported. What this often means is that I am working myself out of a job, and I feel a great integrity in doing so.

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