Sarita_biopicThe 15 years of my combined career in nonprofit management, coaching and leadership development has prepared me to support people in a unique way that is holistic, and helps drive their vision forward.

In my 20’s I started my own arts nonprofit in Los Angeles, and led the organization for 12 years.  I intimately know what it is like to have an idea, want to make it happen, and struggle with road blocks.  This was a personal bootcamp for me, and has helped me now support people with ideas, projects, and aspirations that often feel like a pie in the sky.

Then my 30’s I started working for an organization that offered career coaching, and being fascinated by the field of coaching, I decided to get trained at CTI (Coaches Training Institute).  Since then, I have been offering life, career, and goals coaching to clients of all walks of life.  I specialize in working with entrepreneurs and artists. They are crazy ones (like in the Apple Think Different Campaign), are changing the world, and I love them.

Then in my mid 30’s, my coaching led to training, and I started doing career development trainings for nonprofits.  And like in Hollywood, “I got discovered”. A friend and now mentor, Robert Graham asked me to join him as a Presentation Trainer.  I had been a public speaker for years, and won numerous speaking competitions–but never imagined this as a career path. He runs a successful company called GrahamComm that does Presentation Training for High Tech Companies including Facebook, Twitter, and Ebay. Now I am his “Head Trainer”.  Imagine that!

Now you not only know how old I am, but you have a sense of my background. If you see a way in which I can support you, I am happy to explore it together.

For more on my background, please visit my LinkedIn Profile